Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smile at a Stranger

This week's service challenge is to make a stranger smile.
 We took a morning walk and smiled and said, "Good Morning" to the 29 people we passed. We passed happy, busy, grumpy and distracted people but we smiled at each one regardless. All 29 people smiled back and it sure made us happy! You never know when someone could use a little happy. 

I remember being at Target, 4 months after losing our daughter. It was Christmastime, and I made my way over to the Christmas isle.  I looked up at a wall full of stalkings, and felt like someone punched me in the stomach. The year before, I had stood in this very spot, 9 months pregnant, and wondering if I should buy the new baby a stalking. I talked myself out of it, saying, "She won't come until after Christmas, I'll just buy her one next year." Now, it was the next year, and there I stood, no baby in my cart. My eyes began to sting as I tried to keep the tears in. A very nice lady passed me, and gave me the warmest smile, and it was just what I needed at that moment. I was feeling so alone in such a busy place, but her smile was just enough 'happy' to give me the push to keep going that day. 

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