Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cookies for Fire Fighters

This week's project was inspired by my friend, who took cookies to the Fire Fighters who have been fighting a large fire in our area. She took her kids, and went to the place they have been camping out. We made some cookies to send along with them, and then took a plate to our city's firestation to thank them for protecting our city. 

I think a small gestures like is a great way to remind someone that their job is appreciated. We are especially thankful for the lifegaurds, police and highway patrol, and fire fighters who keep us safe on a daily basis. It also gave me a great opportunity to explain their jobs, why they do it, and I think my daughter was really amazed that they chose to do this as their job, even though it is dangerous.

Make a treat, and take them to the fire station, police station, or wherever you think they would be appreciated! (And you might just get a tour of the firehouse, and engines like us!)

These cookies are called Monster Cookies, and I got the recipe from  Jenny's Gatherings
They were SO yummy and made a ton!

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