Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pillowcase Drive for Team Bubba

Bereaved mother's share a sad but strong bond that is like no other. Julie is one of those mother's that I have never even met in person, but I feel like she is my sister. Like our family the Presley family has found comfort and purpose in serving others.  

Our Serve Together Project this week will be supporting their Team Bubba Pillow Case Drive, in honor of their sweet son and hero, Collin, aka "Bubba"! Sew a pillowcase and help brighten the day of a sick child.

Ashley, from Make It and Love It, is participating in Project Serve Together this week and has posted a great pillow case tutorial to make this project a breeze! Thank you so much Ashley!

Pillowcases, fabric or gift cards should be sent to:
Team Bubba 
PO BOX 505
Trabuco Canyon, Ca 92678

Here are some words from Julie about why this project is so close to their hearts. I hope that you will participate in some way. 

I remember countless nights and days spent in a sterile white hospital room with my sweet little boy. Imagine how scary and overwhelming it was to him… to me (and his father)… and to his little sister when she would visit. One day Bubba received a birthday present from Child Life wrapped in a pillowcase and that simple gesture has forever changed my heart. That fun pillowcase brightened and changed a scary hospital room. That little toy piano brought laughter and smiles to our faces. Such a simple act of kindness changed our world. After fighting a long and hard battle our sweet little boy Collin “Bubba” Presley returned home to Heaven in the arms of loving angels just after his 12th birthday.

My grief was overwhelming and it was only fitting that I found the best outlet for my grief in the form of service. I decided to turn my pain into purpose. We started Team Bubba shortly after his passing on August 9, 2012.

Team Bubba has managed to sew and donate over 2,000 pillowcases to local children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald houses, orphanages, and special home deliveries over the past two years. Would you consider helping Team Bubba change a child’s little world with one small act of kindness? What we are asking from you is simple.

We need you to put your talents to use and sew standard size (20x26 inches) pillowcases with new child friendly fabric (please no weapons or aggressive prints) unwashed and donate them to Team Bubba.

You can’t sew?? No problem!!! Put your great shopping skills to use and purchase a new child friendly pillowcase from a local store and donate it to Team Bubba. You could also donate fabric, or a gift card so we can make more pillowcases!

Thank you so much and remember that by doing small acts of kindness we can do great things!!!

Julie Presley


To read more about Bubba and the Presley Family, visit their blog:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Everyone loves PB & J sandwiches!

A very humble and sweet man at church, who has very little money, shared how he often makes an extra PB & J sandwich to give to a homeless woman he passes often. This really touched me. It is such a simple thing to do, but so thoughtful. It really touched me to think of this man, planning ahead and wanting to help this woman. 
We decided to follow his example. We have fed the hungry in our community several times, and know where they hang out in a big group. We bought 4 loaves of bread, 1 big tub of peanut butter, and 3 jars of jam. My daughter and her 5 cousins made and bagged the sandwiches all on their own. They worked so hard, and while they did they were so sweet to eachother and really worked as a team. It was very inspiring to see. When we are doing service it really puts us in a great mood. 
The children were so excited to hand out the sandwiches, and were surpisingly not shy. I think they were very proud of their work and happy to show their love to others. 
This is so easy to do with children and it did not cost very much. I hope you will join our project this week! It was a really fun one.