Saturday, August 2, 2014

"It makes you happy"

Meet Kate Taylor!
Our first kid interview is with Kate Taylor, our oldest of 3 daughters. She just turned 6, and as you can see, has a lot of missing teeth! She likes to boogie board, swim, play with American Girl Dolls, and surf!

  Kate, what is service?
"Helping people. Do I get a treat for answering these questions?"

What is a service that you have done for someone?
"I have given homeless people food. I learned that service is the best thing to do. I'm hungry!"

"How did it make you feel?
"It makes you happy! I don't know why, but it does!"

What is something you wish someone would do for you?
"Well, it happened today, at Pump It Up. I didn't get to go in the windy thingie with my friends and I started to cry. They came out and got me, and I got to go in with them. It made me feel happy because they helped me!"

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