Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our "Serve Together" Project


We have found a lot of happiness by serving others as a family. 

Serving together has amazing power to strength relationships and heal broken hearts. 

We want to see love and service spread. 
Each week, we will be suggesting an act of service, and challenging everyone to participate.

We want to SEE the service happening!  We want to see pictures, videos, and stories! It is inspiring to see other serve around us, and far from us. We are all able to serve in someway. Let's share our experinces, and learn from eachother.

 Love and kindness and joy will increase in our homes and in our families.
Most of the acts of service are things you will be able to do with children. Each week will be a new idea. It would be fun to see these acts of service being performed all over. 

Follow @servetogether on Instagram, and use the hashtag #projectservetogether

We will be going through the pictures and would love to share a service experience each week.
As we share our experiences with friends and families, we will help spread the spirit of service!

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