Monday, March 9, 2015

Pass along the Good!

Today we were part of a chain reaction of good! 

We were at a snow cone truck and the man gave me a discount when I ordered 3 snow cones, and that resulted me having a few extra bucks in my hand. A little boy ordered after us but only had about 50 cents. I quickly handed him our extra money after the man explained he was short. The man looked at me surprised, then smiled, and gave him an extra large snow cone. There was a little girl in line with the little boy, and she also didn't have enough, so the little boy said, "It's ok, grab a spoon, we will share!" 

This all happened in about 30 seconds and it was the happiest part of my day. 

The challenge this week is to look for little opportunities to pass along the good given to us, no matter how small! #sharegoodness #passiton #projectservetogether Photo cred: @sylvanauribe

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