Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Eggs filled with LOVE notes!

Ready for an Easter themed project!? 

This week with the help of 4 darling boys, 2 little girls, and few adults we filled Easter Eggs with notes of love and encouragement!

 We hid them around the park and on car windshields. The kids had a blast watching from afar as people opened up the eggs with huge smiles! As busy moms sometimes these projects feel a little crazy to care out, but the smiles on the kid's faces after serving another is WELL worth the effort! Examples of notes: You are LOVED! Have a good day! Whatever trial you are facing, you are not alone. God loves you! Keep going, you can do it!

 We also used the hashtag #projectservetogether on the back of our notes. This one was really fun! #easter #service #sharegoodness #passiton #fhe

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