Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spending Time with Grandparents

Have you ever put "enjoy the true meaning of the season", "serve" or "spend more time with family" on your mental to do list? Right under buy Christmas gifts, make neighbor gifts, plan classroom party, go to kids holiday performances, pick out a tree, put lights on the get the point. 

Well, today, I had the opportunity of having my grandma at my house for the morning. I had a lot to do, but felt like I needed to  have her come spend time with my before she went home from her visit here at my parents.  I told her I wanted her to come over, but that I had a lot to do, so maybe she could help me? Well, we did some dishes together, straighten up the downstairs, and then we sat down on the couch and had a little tutoring session for her new iphone. After that we made lunch for the kids together and laughed about silly little things like the fact that I had just served her a hot dog and tater tots. 

I am so glad I decided to forget all those busy things I was going to do today, and instead spend several hours giving her the one on one time that she really needed. My grandfather passed away 10  years ago, and she is very lonely, starving for attention and love actually.

My  challenge this week is to reach out to your grandparents or an elderly neighbor. The holiday season is often extra lonely for them as they are missing their family and loved ones.A suggestion would be a phone call, a nice Christmas gift, or if you will be with them for the holidays, spent 10 or 15 deliberate minutes with them, asking all about their life. I have noticed that when I hold my grandmas hand or give her a back rub, she just melts. She has even told me that it feels so good because she never gets touched anymore.

I've been trying to put those important things on my mental "To Do List" in the right order lately, and when I do, I really feel so much closer to the Lord as I know it makes Him happy.

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  1. I scheduled my lunch date with my grandma for Monday!!!