Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Serving with Casey!

I would love to introduce this sweet mama, Casey, and her darling family! Casey was sweet enough to take over Serve Together this week and share with us her service idea! I love the pictures of the cute little kids bringing smiles to their neighbor's faces! Happy Serving! 

Casey blogs over at: Casey Land!


A few weeks ago, I was watching a Periscope by one of my favorites, Ani Taylor. If you don't know who Ani is, you should, because she is a truly wonderful person! Years ago, I stumbled across her blog  and I was truly touched by her story. Ani's little daughter Ruby was diagnosed with a liver disease and sadly wasn't able to get a transplant in time. Ani documented their story, and people all over the country were touched and many people reached out and donated blood or money to their cause. After Ruby's passing, Ani decided she wanted to give back the service she had received, and it's really amazing all the great things she and her family have done! They started an Instagram account called ServeTogether to document the fun little acts of service their family does together, hopefully to inspire others to reach out. 
So a few weeks ago on Ani's scope when she mentioned that she wanted other people to be involved in the Instagram page and serve together with their family and friends, I emailed her right away! I knew that it was something I wanted to be involved in. Since I've moved across the country from everyone I knew, I've started to try to reach outside myself and find ways to create happiness wherever I go. Nothing makes me more happy than being able to serve somebody else, and it's truly an attitude I want to share with my children. Nathan may be just a little baby right now, but if he grows up in a house where service is the norm, I hope he'll always have the attitude of wanting to serve others as he grows up. 
When Ani said she'd be happy to accept my help, I was so excited! I reached out to some cute friends I've met here in my ward, and they were more than happy to help. Service doesn't always have to be something really big, it can be a small act of kindness that brightens someone's day. I know for me I love having flowers outside and inside my house. I feel like flowers bring lots of beauty and cheer to any space, and I love giving and receiving them! I went to the store and picked up a couple bouquets, and then we walked around the neighborhood and passed out flowers to neighbors! It was so fun to see their faces light up when they realized the flowers were for them! I am challenging all of you to get out and serve someone this week. It can something simple like giving someone some pretty flowers, making someone dinner or writing someone a nice note, do it as a family or group of friends! We had so much fun, and the children really enjoyed making others happy. 

This house was funny. A bunch of little boys answered the door and they were like, "we don't want any flowers!!" but in the end they couldn't say no to Emily and Evelyn's cute faces.

Be sure to go follow ServeTogether on Instagram to see some of the other fun projects Ani and her family have done! I'll be posting there a couple times this week!
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